• KATZ - Centre de formation et de technologie des matières plastiques

 KATZ offers a practice-oriented expertise to employees and apprentices in the field of education and training.

Course offer (in german)              

  • Fondation Suisse pour la recherche en microtechnique (FSRM) :

With its network of more than 200 experts in Switzerland and Europe, the FSRM offers companies advanced training courses in a wide range of subjects, mainly in industrial and technological fields, but also in management, management or administration.​​​

Course calendar (in french)                     Fsrm.JPG

  • HEI-FR - Education in Industrial Machine Learning

The iCoSys institute can organise half day or full day introductory classes on Machine Learning techniques. Program: fundamentals of data-driven analytics systems including data collection, data cleaning, feature extraction, supervised and unsupervised modelling. Full day program: fundamentals, use cases analysis and hands on for industrial applications such as anomaly detection, predictive maintenance and quality index prediction.


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