​​​​PICC is a “one-stop shop” for industry to address technological challenges related to plastics, and to find innovative solutions for the short & long-term.

PICC offers industry project-based R&I combining the latest science and technology with environmental and commercial requirements for present and future plastic products.  

PICC consults on plastics selection and processing, designs alternative product options, and finds innovative sustainable and commercially attractive solutions for specific needs. 

In close collaboration with industry partners, tailored solutions are worked out for the desired event horizon. 

Typically, Intellectual property (IP) resides with the industry partner on a “first right of refusal" basis.

Projects can include novel polymer chemistry, bio-based feedstock handling and processing, conventional plastics processing with focus on mixing and injection moulding, product performance optimisation and development, product and performance property characterisation, discrete and continuum simulation, process digitalisation and App development, environmental footprint and cost analysis, and patent and literature study. 

The cooperation with industry is possible in many different ways according to the specific needs of the enterprise. We offer cooperation within joint projects including public funding as well as contract research or mandate.

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The ECO-BILITY Check helps PICC to point out sustainability flaws in products or company processes as well as recommending further steps for improvement based on a holistic approach.

You can thus have an assessment of your packaging in the form of a star (Ecobility Star) ​that will help you to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your packaging and to work on the weak points only, thus avoiding unnecessary investments.​​

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in english :  PICC_Ecobility Check ENG.pdf

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