Book "De la Poule à l'oeuf De la plume aux polymères"

News | Friday, 7 July 2023

Inspired by the spirit of the times, Etienne Krähenbühl's works offers a perspective on our current environmental situation: metal, recycled plastic and polymers derived from living matter.

This book highlights the collaboration with Rudy Koopmans, a scientist working with polymers. Current advances in the field of finite resources are addressed in texts by various authors who discuss our consumption habits and the often-disavowed waste that is destined for destruction.

What if, by becoming aware of our role in a generous nature, we could become actors in the essential respect for the 'waste' we produce?

Texts by : André Hoffmann, Catherine Valentini, Christian Patermann, Sandra Hofmann, Joseph Pisani, Rudy Koopmans, Franziska Mueller-Reissemann.

Format: 142x230 mm, 96 pages. Four-colour printing on 150g/m2 recycled paper. Wire binding. Cover screen-printed in transparent recycled polypropylene with a real hen's feather.

Publisher : Association of Friends of Étienne Krähenbühl

Price : The book costs CHF 30.

Books are available from mid-June from the Château de Vullierens shop or by subscription from the Association des amis d'Étienne Krähenbühl: