RCOINS – Valorizing After-Use Plastics (Packaging)

News | Monday, 27 September 2021

Recycle while having fun!

Discover the RCoin project: smart bins to address the issue of plastic recycling in an innovative and novel way, but also to allow a better understanding of how the "reward circuit" works.

The principle is simple: For each bottle you put in one of the smart bins, you collect 1 virtual RCoin.

The more you collect, the more opportunities you have to take advantage of offers from our partners: restaurants, shops, wellness centres, museums and much more.

Try our App :https://rcoin.ch/fr/welcome and start recycling!

RCoin is an inter-school project, initiated by the Plastics Innovation Competence Centre (PICC) and the University of Applied Sciences Fribourg, in collaboration with the University of Social Work Fribourg and Substring GmbH.

How to use Rcoin App :